11 juni 2023, Sustainability Market, Lange Vijverberg, Den Haag

June 11, 2023, Sustainability Market, Lange Vijverberg, The Hague

Oh no, as long as the candles don't melt. That is really something that concerns me enormously. The first heat wave in the Netherlands has not yet occurred, but it is warm. Above 30 degrees and the sparrows fall from the roof. A nice spot under the trees of the Lange Vijverberg reassures me a bit. Together with the exhibitors we have a hard time today. Very simple, everyone lies on the beach or sits in the shade. I can't blame them. I will have to wait another week to see if my boxes of candles are appreciated by buyers. If it were up to me, I would know. A world gift, unique packaging (handmade) and a handmade candle for 9.50. You cannot find a more original gift. Not really!
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