25 juni 2023, Binnenrotte, Rotterdam

June 25, 2023, Binnenrotte, Rotterdam

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun.....

I never knew it could get so hot in the Netherlands. A full day in the full sun at the swan market with the rapeseed wax candles. Wow, quite an experience. We knew that this would not be the day, but we went anyway under the motto 'learning by doing'. It was an experience in every way. The candles will survive as long as they are not in full sun :). That is good news. The fact that people are wise enough not to go to a market in the center of Rotterdam on such a hot day, but to sit under a tree somewhere, is also good news. Just not for us. But Rotterdam, we will come back, when the normal Dutch weather returns. Until then, enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather.

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