Zeeheldenkwartier, 27 augustus 2023

(Sea) HEROES and 'writers block'

We were all heroes last Sunday at the market in the Zeeheldenkwartier of The Hague. What stormy weather. Gusts of wind, downpours, and finally the sun. So it turned out to be a nice market after all :).

Today Monday. The day after the market is always all about cleaning up and preparing the next market (which candles am I going to pour this week), the administration and now coming up with a post and text for a blog. Today's mission. The underlying assignment I have given myself is to link the last Facebook and Insta post from August to your blogs on angelines-candles.com.

And that's where things go completely wrong... suddenly I don't know anymore, and I start going around in circles. Look for a nice photo that fits in the Lavender frame I used for August. A struggle with placing a square photo in a beautiful purple lavender heart. Then a 'smart' text to encourage you as an Insta/FB user to click to my site. All texts, texts, photos, parts of photos, dynamic effects that I apply... it produces nothing. At least not something that meets my approval.

Luctor et Emergo... 'I struggle and emerge'. So I'll have to struggle for a while... and I'm sure (with the help of my daughter Anna) that everything will turn out fine.

Looking back on last Sunday. I enjoyed it and had fun. Thanks to all customers who bought a candle from me or with whom I had a nice conversation. And don't forget my market colleagues, good neighbors make the market fun.

On to Saturday, on to Wateringen

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