18 juni 2023 - Museumplein, Amsterdam

June 18, 2023 - Museumplein, Amsterdam

Nice day in Amsterdam

There we go. Our first market day in the 'big city'. The Museummarket in Amsterdam on Museumplein. A beautiful place where I have many memories. Like the first walk with Martin no less than 40 years ago. Now with Wim, my biggest supporter in my journey to setting up a successful candle studio. We are ready and with a good chair for the break moments, it will probably be a beautiful yet very warm day. Summer has started and we notice it. The sale started early and continued steadily and pleasantly until about 2 p.m. During the afternoon we were entertained by performances by street performers and a noisy demonstration. The tourists and visitors to the market were hot, just like us, and were mainly looking for a nice spot in the shade. This museum market is a nice market. We will definitely come back at the end of the summer.

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