Collection: CUBES

The square unique rapeseed wax candle from Angeline's Candles, the CUBE, is colorful, cheerful and a great gift to give. Mix and Match to your heart's content. If you are overwhelmed by all the colors, take a look at our duos and trios gift sets.

Burning hours 2 - 4
Weight 55 grams
Odor both odorless and with scent.
Mate 4 cm by 4 cm by 4 cm
Extra tip point of attention do not place the candles against each other, keep at least 5 - 10 cm distance per candle
Extra tip - point of attention Rapeseed wax candles can drip, so always place the candle on a plate or saucer to collect the candle wax.

CUBE vierkante koolzaadwas kaars