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Handmade rapeseed wax candles

Candle Crunch - sustainable refill candles

Candle Crunch - sustainable refill candles

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Candle Crunch 250 grams

Candle Crunch - sustainable refill candles

You have a beautiful pot, but the candle is gone. What are you doing then?
With the candle powder Candle Crunch from Angeline's Candles you get the perfect dosable product.

Do you always want a new rapeseed wax candle with a new wick? Then Candle Crunch is the product for you! Definitely an original, safe and sustainable way to enjoy your candles in a smart way. Candle Crunch is the candle powder made from rapeseed wax. Plant-based, sustainable and safe to use.


With Candle Crunch, the special candle powder made from rapeseed wax, you can transform any fire-safe post, vase or glass into a candle.

To colour

Candle Crunch's candle powder can be ordered in different colors, so you can put together your own candle. A number of wicks are added to each 250 gram bag.

The steps

- Sprinkle the Candle Crunch in a fireproof vase or bowl.
- Insert the cut wick into the Candle Crunch.
- Light the fuse.
- Refresh the candle (Candle Crunch shell) by removing the solidified candle wax and the wick.

NO-Waste Program

After you have extinguished the Candle Crunch flame and removed the solidified part, the candle crunch shell, you can send it to Angeline's Candles if you participate in the NO-WASTE program. You will receive a voucher for 7.50 euros with your order. This voucher entitles you to a return label. If the box in which you received your order is filled with 500 grams of rapeseed wax shells, you can return it using your voucher. For every 500 grams you will receive a bag of Candle Crunch worth €10.00 in return with your next order.

Read more about the NO-Waste Program

Burning hours 25-35 hours (250 gram bag)
Weight 250 grams
Odor no smell
Material rapeseed wax
Extra tip point of attention place the wicks at least 10 - 12 cm apart.
Extra tip - point of attention Allow the melted candle wax to solidify before removing the wick and candle shell.

P.S. Learn more about Candle Crunch

P.S. Handmade from A - Z with a passion for wax, color and the light of the candle. This brings variation and imperfections.

Rapeseed wax

Learn more about rapeseed wax

Safety first

Information about safe use of your candle


Angeline's Candles works with natural perfume oil and essential oils from Gildewerk

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toos smits

Ik wil graag laten weten dat ik blij ben met wat ik gekocht heb.

Het is voor mij met liefde en zorg gemaakt en zo ga ik dat doorgeven.
Knuf Toos