Collection: LAVENDER rapeseed wax candles

Lavender scented candles made from rapeseed wax

Lavender is the soul of Provence, a symphony of purple hues and intoxicating scents that lulls the senses and calms the mind.” - Unknown"

That's the nail on the head. The combination of the scent of lavender and the color purple come together in this unique lavender purple scented candle collection of rapeseed wax . The soothing combination of floral and spicy notes of lavender evokes images of blooming lavender fields and spreads a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Rapeseed wax candles and Lavender

When we add the wonderful scent of lavender to these rapeseed wax candles, we create a unique experience for our senses. Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties, and the aroma is often used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety. The delicate, floral scent of lavender in combination with the warmth and coziness of the rapeseed wax candles creates a soothing atmosphere in any room.

In the world of scented candles, color also plays an important role. The purple color often associated with lavender has meaningful symbolism. Purple traditionally represents luxury, spirituality and creativity. It is considered a color that heightens consciousness and helps us find a deeper connection with ourselves. The combination of the calming lavender scent with the purple color of the candles creates an atmosphere of sophistication and inner peace.

Imagine coming home after a long, tiring day and surrounding yourself with the soothing ambiance of rapeseed wax candles with the scent of lavender and a soft purple glow. You immediately feel the tension slip from your shoulders and you inhale deeply the wonderful aromas. The calmness of the lavender and the soothing purple color of the candles invite you to relax and take a moment of self-reflection.

When using rapeseed wax candles with a lavender scent and a purple color in meditative or yoga practices, the atmosphere can be enhanced and your spiritual journey deepened. The scent of lavender can help you enter a state of mindfulness, while the purple color can support you in opening your third eye and exploring your inner self.

Rapeseed wax candles with a lavender scent and a purple color can also make a wonderful gift for loved ones. By giving these candles you not only show your appreciation for their presence in your life, but you also give them the opportunity to experience moments of peace and relaxation. The subtle combination of scent and color can leave a deep impression and provide a lasting reminder of the affection you feel for them.

In addition, rapeseed wax candles with lavender scent and purple color can be used on special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries or other celebrations. They can serve as elegant decorative pieces while bringing a sense of harmony and joy to the air. The scent of lavender will spread a positive and uplifting energy among the guests and the purple color will add a sense of magic and mysticism to the festive atmosphere.

In short, rapeseed wax candles with the scent of lavender and an enchanting purple color offer an unparalleled experience for our senses and mood. This harmonious combination of natural elements adds a touch of luxury and tranquility to our daily lives, while at the same time contributing to the preservation of the environment. Whether you're looking for a way to relax after a busy day, deepen your meditation practice, give a meaningful gift, or celebrate a special occasion, lavender-scented rapeseed wax candles in purple color are a perfect choice for enriching your life. your living space with beauty, serenity and positive energy.

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