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Handmade rapeseed wax candles

Lavender Harts - scented

Lavender Harts - scented

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Scented - unscented

Rapeseed wax Hearts of Lavender!

Bring love into your home with this unique set of 3 purple hearts made of rapeseed wax. These rapeseed wax candles have the spicy fresh scent of lavender. The combination of purple tones and the calming scent of lavender ensures that the holiday feeling lasts a little longer. In addition, it keeps insects at bay (also nice, isn't it).
Who will you make happy with this Lavender purple rapeseed wax candle?
Burning hours 6 - 8
Weight 350 grams
Odor Lavender (optional)
Colour Purple
Extra tip - point of attention Rapeseed wax candles can drip, so always place the candle on a plate or saucer to collect the candle wax.
Extra tip point of attention do not place the candles against each other, keep at least 5 - 10 cm distance per candle

Rapeseed wax

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Angeline's Candles works with natural perfume oil and essential oils from Gildewerk

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