Angeline's Candles - the story

Angelique van Dam, Owner Angeline's Candles

Angelique van Dam is an enterprising spirit who, in 2022, after an exciting career, turned her passion for candles into a start-up company called Angeline's Candles. She believes in the power of candlelight to create a positive atmosphere and provide a bright spot for many in their day. Her motto, "just to light up your day," reflects her intention to bring joy and warmth into the lives of others with her candles.

She began creating unique rapeseed wax candles that were not only beautiful to look at, but also provided a sensory experience. By using high-quality materials, rapeseed wax and carefully selected scents, she managed to create candles that not only illuminate the space, but also convey a feeling of peace and serenity.

Angelique's dedication to quality and craftsmanship is evident in her handmade rapeseed wax candles. Every aspect of Angeline's Candles, from the design of the handmade packaging to the choice of ingredients, is determined and executed by her with the utmost care. She strives to give customers a cheerful and joyful experience by continually creating unique moments of giving and receiving. A unique, original and handmade gift in a small edition, where affordability is not forgotten.

Through her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, Angelique van Dam has conquered a place in the world of original and handmade candles with Angeline's Candles. Her candles not only bring light, but are also a symbol of hope, comfort and joy. A pleasure to give and to receive. With her motto "just to light up your day", Angelique continues to strive to illuminate people's days and create special moments through her beautiful candles.

Handmade decorative rapeseed wax candles

Angeline's Candles works exclusively with rapeseed wax. Vegetable, fully degradable and a pleasant soft flame. I make a collection of all rapeseed wax candles that you can order online or buy at the market . Your order is made especially for you. My candles are always unique, colorful and made from rapeseed wax.

Do you have special wishes regarding scent, shape or color? Let me know.