Collection: Candle Crunch - Candle Sand

Candle Crunch is the candle sand made from rapeseed wax. This rapeseed wax candle sand is sustainable, biodegradable and has lower CO2 emissions than other commonly used waxes such as paraffin, stearin, soya, palm and beeswax.

Candle sand can be ordered in various glass preserving jars and in bags of 250 grams.

NO-Waste, no waste, that is what Kaarsenzand is all about. A perfect concept of candle burning. You can also use the NO-waste program . We like to collect all old rapeseed wax residues and convert them back into Candle Sand or other rapeseed wax candles through a careful process. This is how we all combat waste.

Candle Crunch - Kaarsenzand