NO-WASTE program Candle Crunch

Stop waste through recycling

Candle Crunch wants you to enjoy your beautiful rapeseed wax candle for as long as possible. As far as I'm concerned, that includes a NO-Waste program. Order the special No Waste - Recycle voucher r with your Candle Crunch packaging. With the voucher you can request a postage label when you want to return the rapeseed wax Candle Crunch shells. If you return 500 grams of rapeseed wax, you will receive a bag of Candle Crunch worth 10.00 euros with your next order.

TIP: Save the box and use it to store your canola wax Candle Crunch shells.

NO-Waste program Candle Crunch

Our promise

NO waste promise We first remove the wicks from the rapeseed wax residues we receive. We will melt down the remaining wax and reuse it. In this way, we work together on sustainable and good use of our rapeseed wax candles.

What does it mean

  • You order a NO-Waste Voucher when purchasing your Candle Crunch
  • You will receive the NO-waste voucher in your email and consists of a code that will be converted into a postage label if you want to use it.
  • When I receive your box with the rapeseed wax shells, I will weigh them and send you an email with the number of grams I have received. (please weigh yourself too)
  • Once 500 grams have been returned, you will receive the promised bag of Candle Crunch (250 grams worth 10 euros) with your next order.
  • We clean the wax and will reuse it in our Candle Crunch or rapeseed wax candles
NO Waste program - Candle Crunch what does it entail

With this circle we try to make the use of the rapeseed wax as optimal as possible. Once the No Waste program starts, we will eventually apply this to the entire collection.

Handmade decorative rapeseed wax candles

Angeline's Candles works exclusively with rapeseed wax. Vegetable, fully degradable and a pleasant soft flame. I make a collection of all rapeseed wax candles that you can order online or buy at the market . Your order is made especially for you. My candles are always unique, colorful and made from rapeseed wax.

Do you have special wishes regarding scent, shape or color? Let me know.