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Buy floating candles - Why - That's why

Ode to the floating candle

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I hear it regularly on the market. Hey, a floating candle - my Grandma has that. And then I often see a smile. And of course afterwards I invite them to buy one too. Because I know for sure if you buy a floating candle or better yet: buy floating candles. Then you turn your table into a very attractive place.


Glistening light

A candle that floats appeals to the imagination. The flame that reflects in the water and the sparkle that it evokes gives a very special atmosphere to the room. I can look at it for hours and muse. Candles floating on the water take your thoughts with them. It has a relaxing and soothing effect.

glittering floating candles made of rapeseed wax



Guaranteed success

In short, if you want to set a festive table, I invite you to place a bowl with burning floating candles in the middle. Guaranteed success with your guests.


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