Kaarsen Schilderen - Ja het kan!

Candle Painting - Yes it is possible!

Getting started with 'van Gogh'. The white tableau lies before us. Wow, I really find that a challenge. That's not it for Ingrid, by the way. My dear friend, who regularly works on the silver screen, sets up her work in no time. With some nice quiet music in the background, we work on 'our van Gogh'. Layer by layer, the wax covers the tableau in scent and color. Yes, we also mixed fragrance into the laundry. And you can smell it! Halfway through I leave the white tableau and start working on a 'piece of cake' and a flower. That suits me better :). After more than 2 hours it is really a fact. Our work is 'finished'. Painting candles, a great activity with a surprising result every time. It was a pleasure and as far as I'm concerned, we should introduce everyone in The Hague and beyond to Painting with Wax.....
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