Magnolia Collection - July 2023

Magnolia, Pink and Pink Quartz

What do Magnolia, Pink and Rose Quartz have in common? They come together harmoniously in the Magnolia Collection of July 2023. And that's exactly what it's about. Peace and harmony.


Magnolia - Collection July 2023

The scent of magnolia is often described as floral, citrusy and intoxicating. The perfume oil has an intoxicating sweet scent. The pink flower opens early in the morning and smells well after sunset. You can see the magnolia from many meters away. It can evoke a feeling of freshness, tranquility and beauty. The magnolia has a short flowering time. The flower represents love and beginnings. It can evoke a feeling of freshness, tranquility and beauty. The flower represents love and beginnings. For Buddhist monks, the Magnolia symbolizes purity. The Magnolia is considered one of the oldest flowering plants. Fossils have been found dating back 95 million years. There are no fewer than 200 Magnolia species. The scent often attracts pollinating insects such as bees and bumblebees. Magnolia is associated with beauty, dignity and purity. In Chinese culture, the Magnolia is the symbol for Yin, which stands for femininity and softness.


In this collection I worked with the color pink. Pink is often associated with love, romance. It symbolizes tenderness and affection, softness and playfulness. Traditionally it is seen as a feminine color associated with gentleness, kindness and compassion. It radiates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Pink quartz

Pink quartz is a soft pink gemstone and is known as the Pink quartz - magnolia collection - July 2023 stone of love and compassion. It promotes feelings of love, friendship, forgiveness and compassion and strengthens emotional well-being. The stone is also known for its harmonizing properties. The Pink Quartz radiates a soft and calm energy.

The combination of the color Pink and the scent Magnolia and Pink Quartz creates a beautiful soothing and harmonious atmosphere. Enjoy the calming and positive vibes this combination brings.

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