Candle powder

No more half candles

Do you know that? You have a beautiful candle, actually too beautiful to light. And you do it, right? Once the candle has burned for a few hours you will regret it again. Now there is the solution for that feeling. You can continue to buy beautiful candles for decoration and you can also use candle powder to actually burn candles.

Rapeseed wax candle powder

Vegan/vegetable, sustainable, safe, beautiful and economical in use. All benefits of rapeseed wax candle powder. But what exactly is Candle Powder?

What is candle powder?

Candle powder is a finely powdered material that, with the addition of a wick, burns beautifully as a candle. Angeline's Candles candle powder, Candle Crunch is 100% from rapeseed wax.

Using rapeseed wax candle powder has several advantages over other types of candle wax types.

  1. Compound:
    Candle Crunch is made from rapeseed wax. Rapeseed wax is the sustainable wax for burning candles. Vegan, ecological, organic, plant-based, environmentally friendly and compared to all other candle wax types: low CO2 emissions.
  2. Origin
    Rapeseed wax comes from the yellow rapeseed flower. It is a European product, so the number of kilometers remains limited (import from Germany). This is in contrast to soy and plam wax. Also plant-based, but it makes a long journey before it reaches your table.
  3. production
    I make rapeseed wax candle powder in my own studio. Currently only available in white (natural color of the wax) and without scent. The wax is cooled in a special way and then ground.
  4. Usage
    Rapeseed wax candle powder is easy to use. Sprinkle the candle powder in the fire-safe glass/wooden/ceramic vase or bowl. And you use as much as you need. (based on personal taste). Then you cut the wick to size and insert it into the candle powder. Then you light the wick and your rapeseed wax candle burns.
  5. Waste-sustainable-economical
    With rapeseed wax candle powder you not only get an environmentally friendly and sustainable candle, but you also get the opportunity to make optimal use of the rapeseed wax. The candle powder remains beautiful and easy to use. With the extra wicks, this guarantees hours of burning fun.
  6. NO waste program
    The Angeline's Candles No Waste program focuses on recycling used rapeseed wax candles. You can participate with this voucher (7.50). This allows you to achieve optimal use of rapeseed wax.
  7. Where to use
    Any place in your home that could use some extra warmth and atmosphere. Think of the hall, the bathroom, the toilet, the living room, the dining room or in your office.
  8. Safe to use
    If the vase or bowl filled with candle powder falls over while it is burning, the flame will go out immediately. The rapeseed wax candle powder acts as an oxygen suffocator.

Celebrations - parties - events

For large parties and events where candles can enhance the atmosphere, rapeseed wax candle powder is an absolute winner. You can easily place 100 candles for a unique look. After each event, replace the wicks and all your candles will be like new again. Burning candles in a more economical and friendly way is not possible.

Think of dinners, weddings, birthdays, business events, the use of candle powder offers unprecedented possibilities. The renewable character of the candle is unique, allowing you to make optimal use of atmospheric candlelight again and again.

In short, candle powder offers many advantages for the home and for companies where candles are a must for atmosphere and decoration.

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Ingredients and properties

rapeseed washing field - europe
  • rapeseed wax
  • vegetable
  • biodegradable
  • lower CO2 emissions than beeswax and soy wax
  • How to use

    Candle Crunch , rapeseed wax candle powder, is super easy to use. You can light a candle in just a few steps.

    Step 1: Grab a vase (glass) or bowl and your Candle Crunch (candle powder)
    Candle crunch - candle powder and wooden bowl
    Candle Crunch - candle powder goes into a star-shaped bowl
    Step 2 : Put the Candle Crunch (candle powder) in the bowl or vase
    Step 3 Place the wick in the center of the bowl or vase
    Candle Crunch - candle powder - place the wick in the middle
    Candle Crunch - candle powder - light the wick
    Step 4: Light the wick and enjoy your candle

    Important tips

    • Cut the wick to size. (allow a maximum of 0.6 cm to protrude above the candle powder)
    • Do not place the wicks too close together (10 - 12 cm) so that each flame has enough Candle Crunch around it to burn beautifully
    • Extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher and let the wax solidify thoroughly.
    • Only remove the Candle Crunch rapeseed wax shell with wick when the wax has cooled down completely
    • You can then 'refresh' the Candle Crunch and install a new wick

    TIP: (better not:) Adding drops of essential oil to the wax.

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    Rapeseed wax candles

    Rapeseed wax candles are made from rapeseed wax, a vegetable wax obtained from the seeds of rapeseed plants. This wax has many advantages over traditional paraffin candles. First, canola wax is a sustainable and renewable resource, as canola plants grow relatively quickly and are easy to grow. This makes rapeseed wax candles an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel-based candles.

    Another advantage of rapeseed wax is that it has a lower melting point than paraffin, which means that rapeseed wax candles burn more slowly and evenly. This means they last longer than traditional candles, increasing their cost-effectiveness. In addition, rapeseed wax candles produce less soot and provide a brighter light, resulting in cleaner and healthier indoor air.

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    Handmade decorative rapeseed wax candles

    Angeline's Candles works exclusively with rapeseed wax. Vegetable, fully degradable and a pleasant soft flame. I make a collection of all rapeseed wax candles that you can order online or buy at the market . Your order is made especially for you. My candles are always unique, colorful and made from rapeseed wax.

    Do you have special wishes regarding scent, shape or color? Let me know.