Rapeseed wax candles - where to buy

Rapeseed wax candles on the market

Very nice to meet you at the market. Then I can personally tell you everything about rapeseed wax and rapeseed wax candles. In short, if you want to buy rapeseed wax candles on the market, you can regularly find me at markets in The Hague. With every now and then a trip to other places in the area.

Rapeseed wax candles online

If you don't live near The Hague, you can of course also order your candles online and I will ensure that they come to you as quickly as possible.

In short, if you like colorful, decorative and original rapeseed wax candles that not only burn beautifully but are also a decorative and attractive addition to your room, then you have come to the right place.

The market agenda:


November 4 and 5

November 19 - 22

November 25th

Lange Vijverberg, The Hague

Christmas market, Soest

Christmas market, location to follow

11 am - 5 pm

4 days

Sun November 26 Lange Voorhout, The Hague 11 am - 5 pm

December 2 and 3

December 10

Lange Vijverberg

Prinsestraat, The Hague

11 am - 5 pm

11 am - 5 pm

December 13 - 17 Christmas market Leiden 5 days
Thu December 21 Christmas market Leiden, vd Werfpark 4 - 9 p.m

Angeline's Candles on the market

Angeline's Candles only makes candles from rapeseed wax. They are standing candles and they are poured into molds. Rapeseed wax is sustainable, friendly to the environment and very pleasant to use. My candles are colorful and decorative. I also work scent in many of my collections. My scents are pure and natural. An important characteristic of rapeseed wax is that it has a soft, warm appearance. Over time, the rapeseed wax candle will develop a 'patina'. Personally, another important reason for me to buy rapeseed wax candles. Would you like to see what the patina of a rapeseed wax candle looks like? Then come to the market.

Handmade decorative rapeseed wax candles

Angeline's Candles works exclusively with rapeseed wax. Vegetable, fully degradable and a pleasant soft flame. I make a collection of all rapeseed wax candles that you can order online or buy at the market . Your order is made especially for you. My candles are always unique, colorful and made from rapeseed wax.

Do you have special wishes regarding scent, shape or color? Let me know.