What is Candle Crunch candle sand

Candle Crunch is a candle sand made from rapeseed wax. Completely plant-based, biodegradable and sustainable in use. By using Candle Crunch you are very smart about burning candles. It burns fantastically and you can refresh your candle every time, so you always have a beautiful new candle. The atmosphere maker for the home and for events and parties.

NO-Waste program. For more information about the NO-waste Voucher and the program.

Ingredients and properties

rapeseed washing field - europe

Rapeseed wax

  • rapeseed wax
  • vegetable
  • biodegradable
  • lower CO2 emissions than beeswax and soy wax
  • How to use

    Candle Crunch , rapeseed wax candle sand, is super easy to use. You can light a candle in just a few steps.

    Step 1: Grab a vase (glass) or bowl and your Candle Crunch (candle sand)
    Candle crunch - candle powder and wooden bowl
    Candle Crunch - candle powder goes into a star-shaped bowl
    Step 2 : Place the Candle Crunch (candle sand) in the bowl or vase
    Step 3 Place the wick in the center of the bowl or vase
    Candle Crunch - candle powder - place the wick in the middle
    Candle Crunch - candle powder - light the wick
    Step 4: Light the wick and enjoy your candle

    Important tips

    • Cut the wick to size. (allow a maximum of 0.6 cm to protrude above the candle powder)
    • Do not place the wicks too close together (10 - 12 cm) so that each flame has enough Candle Crunch around it to burn beautifully
    • Extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher and let the wax solidify thoroughly.
    • Only remove the Candle Crunch rapeseed wax shell with wick when the wax has cooled down completely
    • You can then 'refresh' the Candle Crunch and install a new wick

    Not recommended! Adding drops of essential oil to the (warm) wax. The flammability of essential oil or perfume oil increases the risk of fire.

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    Rapeseed wax candles

    Rapeseed wax candles are made from rapeseed wax, a vegetable wax obtained from the seeds of rapeseed plants. This wax has many advantages over traditional paraffin candles. First, canola wax is a sustainable and renewable resource, as canola plants grow relatively quickly and are easy to grow. This makes rapeseed wax candles an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel-based candles.

    Another advantage of rapeseed wax is that it has a lower melting point than paraffin, which means that rapeseed wax candles burn more slowly and evenly. This means they last longer than traditional candles, increasing their cost-effectiveness. In addition, rapeseed wax candles produce less soot and provide a brighter light, resulting in cleaner and healthier indoor air.

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    Handmade decorative rapeseed wax candles

    Angeline's Candles works exclusively with rapeseed wax. Vegetable, fully degradable and a pleasant soft flame. I make a collection of all rapeseed wax candles that you can order online or buy at the market . Your order is made especially for you. My candles are always unique, colorful and made from rapeseed wax.

    Do you have special wishes regarding scent, shape or color? Let me know.