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Handmade rapeseed wax candles

No Waste Voucher - candle crunch

No Waste Voucher - candle crunch

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No Waste

With this voucher you participate in the NO Waste program of Angeline's Candles. With this voucher you can return the remains of your rapeseed wax candles and Candle Crunch that you purchased from me. For every 500 grams you return, you will receive a bag of Candle Crunch worth 250 euros (worth €10.00) with your next order.

Recycling rapeseed wax

The rapeseed wax shells of the Candle Crunch are carefully cleaned and then it can be processed into a new rapeseed wax candle.

Sustainable and careful use

This way we can make optimal use of rapeseed wax and enjoy the beautiful, warm, clear flame again and again.

Rapeseed wax

Learn more about rapeseed wax

Safety first

Information about safe use of your candle


Angeline's Candles works with natural perfume oil and essential oils from Gildewerk

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