Candle Crunch - Wat is Kaarsenzand

Candle Crunch - What is Candle Sand

What is candle sand?

Candle sand, Candle Crunch is made from rapeseed wax and has all the properties of a candle. Candle sand is a powder as fine as snow and can be used in various ways. It is a completely different way of burning candles. In my opinion, a must if you like to burn candles. Rapeseed wax candle sand is the sustainable alternative to burning candles.

Candle Crunch, candle sand made from rapeseed wax, is produced in the studio of Angeline's Candles.

Why Candle Sand?

Simple and easy

You can fill any fire-safe pot, bowl, bowl, can or vase with candle sand. Even a small tea light can be easily reused. With each bag of candle sand you receive loose wicks and you can cut the wick to size and place it in the sand. And your candle is ready to light.

TIP : if you want to work with tea lights, a wick with a base is recommended.

Colorful Creations

Rapeseed wax candle sand is available in different colors. This way you can make beautiful decorative candles yourself in glass jars and jars. This gives you the freedom to unleash your creativity and create beautiful works of art in the form of candles. I personally find that worldly, because this way I always have original candles in my house that contribute to the atmosphere of the moment.

Candle Crunch and Fragrance
Candle Crunch is odorless, but is made in different colors. If you still want to add scents, you can do so by using MELTS. These are small rapeseed wax cubes with essential oil that you place on the Candle Crunch and will release a scent when it becomes warm.

TIP : I advise everyone not to drop drops of perfume oil or essential oil on candle sand. These are quite flammable and can cause unsafe situations. Read more about burning candles safely, that's possible!

NO Waste - Circular
By using Candle Crunch candle sand made from rapeseed wax, you are already using the most sustainable candle wax. Now we can take it one step further if you return all your rapeseed wax candle remains (the shell) to me. I can use this wax again (after cleaning) in my candles. And of course you get candle sand in return. If you want to know how it works, check out the NO-Waste page.

Benefits of rapeseed wax candle sand

Rapeseed wax candles and therefore also rapeseed wax candle sand are the most sustainable candles you can burn. Vegetable, biodegradable, low CO2 emissions, all good advantages. Would you like to read more about the benefits of rapeseed wax? Then click here

Rapeseed wax candle sand is the most original Christmas gift . Now available in pots and bags. be surprised and 'have fun'...

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