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Handmade rapeseed wax candles

Exclusive Square Candle Set - Promotion Inside The Same

Exclusive Square Candle Set - Promotion Inside The Same

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Square - Taupe - Action Inside The Same

This square colorful handmade rapeseed wax candle set consists of 4 of our promotional candles. For every candle sold, 2.50 euros goes to the Inside The Same Foundation .

Rapeseed wax candle promotion Inside the Same


The candle set is composed of 4 different colors and four different lengths.

Hope - Ivory - Citrus & Rose (essential oil)

This Ivory white handmade candle stands for timeless elegance and simplicity. In combination with the freshness of Lemon and the loving and hopeful scent of Rose, this Ivory white candle symbolizes hope for the Albino children in Tanzania.

Inspire - Caramel - Bergamot & Ginger (essential oil)

The Caramel colored rapeseed wax candle represents inspiration and the sweet memory of surprise and adventure. Combined with the Bergomot & Ginger scent, it is a true invitation to enjoy life

Harmony - Taupe - Rosemary & Thyme (essential oil)

The Taupe colored rapeseed wax candle represents stability and balance.
In this color we discover the harmony of nature. In combination with the restorative power of Rosamarijn and Thyme, we increase our sense of well-being.

Passion - Ruby - Spanish Tangerine & Clove (essential oil)

This Ruby rapeseed wax candle invites you to share your passion.
In the fragrant version, the Ruby rapeseed wax candle takes on an extra warm and lively dimension.







345 grams

280 grams

220 grams

140 grams

Burning hours

10 – 12 hours

8-10 hours

6 – 8 hours

4-6 hours

All candles from Angeline's Candles are made to order and handmade in our own studio

NB. Always burns candles safely

Rapeseed wax

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Angeline's Candles works with natural perfume oil and essential oils from Gildewerk

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